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Policy Goals

During the course of a campaign, James walks to thousands of doors speaking with constituents, and that will often lead to new policy ideas, to help address issues that his constituents are facing. He has already started working on some major policy initiatives for next year, and has developed working groups to assist with the formulation of policy. Here are 4 of the main topics he is already crafting legislation to address.

  • Data Privacy
    Senator Maroney plans to continue his work on data privacy and he is working with other legislators from around the country to develop controls for AI and Algorithmic Decision Making.  This is a topic that impacts us all, as AI is now making decisions related to who to grant interviews to, insurance rates, healthcare, housing, and more.  Further, he plans on looking at healthcare data that is no protected by HIPAA, yet still often extremely sensitive.
  • Early Childhood Education
    James is excited to work with Senator Fonfara and other legislators on ECE policy.  It is estimated that during the pandemic, Connecticut lost 20,000 childcare slots, and there are tens of thousands of children who are in need of quality early childhood education.  This is a workforce issue, as many parents have been unable to return to work.  In addition, studies have shown that the best investment that can be made in workforce development is in early childhood education.  So, this is an investment in both Connecticut’s short term and long term workforce.
  • Workforce Development
    Last session Senator Maroney worked with Senator Fonfara on a pilot program to create an Income Share Agreement to help increase the number of CDL licensed drivers in the state.  James will work on expanding that pilot program to include other areas of workforce shortage that are critical to our state’s economy.
  • Cost of Higher Education
    James plans on calling on his decades of experience in higher education to propose legislation aimed at reducing costs for college, to help stem the increase in college tuitions and make the cost of higher education more affordable to all.  He will look at some of the drivers of the cost of education, such as energy costs, and also look at other creative methods of reducing college tuition.